Inner Voice (inner_v0ice) wrote in medeaphiles,
Inner Voice

First Post -- hello, all!

Two years ago, at the beginning of 11th grade, we read Euripides' Medea for Literature class. I instantly hated Jason, and Medea herself quickly grew on me, especially when I began examining the text in detail for my essay.
For the next year or so, Medea took up residence in my head and could not be budged. Did I need to write a Lit essay comparing two characters from different works? I used Medea as one of them. Did I need to do an Art piece? I did one on Medea. The woman would not leave me alone!
I think, after three essays and three art pieces, I've mostly exorcised her...but I'd like to share my works with other Medea lovers here, and see what you all think of them! :)

originally posted to muse_secrets:
an ostrakon "postcard" bearing handwriting suspiciously similar to that of my rather vicious Medea-muse...
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