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Medea Performance

How exciting! A Medea fan community on LJ - it's wonderful to join.

My story with Medea goes back to 2001, my last year of High School. I'm an actor and I wanted to put on a new show because I was frustrated with the giddy, meaningless musical theatre productions my school always does. Jokingly, my English teacher suggested I put on 'Medea' by Euripides. He didn't expect me to, but I took him seriously and read the play over the holidays.

When I returned to school, I told him I was going to do it. He was surprised but supportive and promised to be my Production Manager. I decided to Produce, Direct and play Medea.

I gathered up a loyal posse. One of my best friends who is also my favourite person to peform with played Jason. We have incredible chemistry and it was amazing on stage with him. Throughout the rehearsal process, we hated one another, because he was so convinced that Medea had done Jason wrong and I was convinced Jason was a bastard who deserved every inch of his punishment.

I had four other actors: one for the Nurse, another who doubled for Aegeus and the Tutor, another for Creon and one other who represented the whole Chorus. The actor who played Jason also played the Messenger.

The show was very successful. We performed wearing completely white clothing in a 3x3meter space marked out by lit candles. The audience was on all sides of us. There was no backstage, so when we weren't on stage one sat to the side, up ramps.

When the audience entered the theatre we were already in place, performing as a group 4 stylized positions. We had an 8 scene tablau at the beginning to tell the story so far before going straight into it.

My school had been, for the most part, supportive. However, I had to study Medea for my end of school exams, but I liked that, so it was OK.

I can't wait to do it again, perhaps in an outside venue this time.
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