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On Medea (well, duh)

You know, as much as I love Medea in any story, and as wonderful as Apollonius' Medea is... I almost forgot how truly heart-wrenching she is in Euripides. It's just been a while, and... I mean, wow.

You just have to love her, because... so few people can love with her great capacity. And when such a great love is betrayed and disillusioned, you have to respect the strength of her character for being able to take what she has left and do the best with it and still come out on top after all that. She doesn't roll over and die; she chooses to prove herself and to show that Wretched Unmentionable Cur exactly what he's been so damn blind about.

And I mean, she's beautiful in Apollonius, but Euripides... damn. He illustrates the moment so... perfectly. Of course, part of the reason Euripides is so much more heart-wrenching is because he chose the more heart-wrenching moment. Apollonius also does an incredible job of illustrating real emotions and motivations and ambiguity.

And I need to get back to my paper, but... I just needed to say that. Because, sadly, it's not the focus of my paper. Pheu!

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