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My "Harry Potter" story featuring a Medea: Background

The basics, so you can decide if you want to read the whole backstory or not.

Tile: Faithfully
Author: atq1
Ratings/Warnings: Eventually NC-17 for sex and violence
SPOILERS FOR ALL HP BOOKS, spoilers included in backstory.
Genres: Gen/Romance
Summary: Barty Crouch Jr. first saw Medea Jones on Platform 9 3/4. It was love at first sight, even though he they were only 11. As they grow, they realize there are forces that would keep them apart. But Medea, named for her ancestress, is not easily swayed. Even after Barty is seduced by evil, she clings to him and tries to make him see the error of his ways. When he is taken from her, she travels the world to become the premier alchemist. Too late she learns that her beloved had escaped and returned to his master. He was recaptured and given the Dementor's kiss, a fate worse than death. Barty Crouch Jr. has not been forgotten. Though he lies alone in a cold cell in Azkaban, the woman who has loved him since he was a child is planning his emancipation and restoration. Medea Crouch is a witch of unlimited knowledge, unfathomable power and insatable vengance. Woe unto the one she blames for her separation from her beloved husband, for he will surely die. Nothing is impossible for the one who loves faithfully.

After seeing the "Goblet of Fire" movie, I became very sympathetic toward Barty Jr. But hey, look at him, he's hot. Although I mourned that we would not see him again, I soon realized that he was indeed still alive, and where there's life, there's hope. I created a girlfriend for him, the name of Medea came when I realized this woman would have to do the impossible to get her love back. She needed to be strong, intelligent and ruthless.
I had previously created a storyline where the Medea character was the fourth Black sister and love of Severus Snape. I've kept Snape around, but made Medea an only child and cousin to book character Hestia Jones. Hestia was introduced to readers very briefly in "Order of the Phoenix". She was not mentioned in "Half-Blood Prince". JKR has a habit of doing that, so fully expect her to come back in Book 7 in an expanded role.
I will confess that I first worked on Hestia's backstory. I based it on her name, knowing JKR does not name her characters lightly. It is through Hestia that I brought pyromagy into the Potterverse. Pyromagy is the ability to create and manipulate fire through magical means. Although most wizards and witches have some pyromagic ability, Hestia and Medea have inherited theirs as a particularly strong ability, with Medea's being stronger and therefore more dangerous.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Five hundred years ago the Jones family tree split. Seven children were born to Gaia and Posideon Jones. Three of them turned to the dark ways: Triton, Circe and Pollux. The remaining four had nothing more to do with their siblings: Castor, Hestia, Harmonia and Orpheus. Castor and Pollux, twins of course, were the firstborns and inherited the gift of fire, pyromagy, which is passed down to the firstborn of the firstborn in each generation. Pollux began to study and strengthen his pyromagy and his side became stronger. Hestia is descended from Castor, the 'good' side, while Medea is descended from Pollux, the 'bad' side. Medea's father is named Pollux, her mother, Cynthia. Hestia's parents are Hephestus, although he was killed before she was born, and Daphne. Hestia's stepfather/uncle is named Posideon. In my story, 13 year old Hestia accidently sets her bedcurtains on fire when Narcissa Black makes insinuations about a boy she likes while 13 year old Medea burns a girl who insults her family and seemingly melts the clothes off of an obnoxious Sirius Black. For females, the onset of pyromagy occurs with first menstruation.


Because her pyromagic ability is so strong, Dumbledore begins to teach her alchemy as a means of controlling and channeling her ability. She is adept and, when she is forced to leave Hogwarts, continues to study under Severus Snape, fellow Death Eater and family friend. Fire is the defining symbol of Medea.

Themes from the original Medea

As I've said, I plan to include the loss of two sons, although one is recovered, and a divine rescue via flaming chariot. All of the Joneses are Hellenic Polytheists, so the Greek Gods will be invoked and mentioned. Family and friends will have Greek names. When Medea, at the age of 13, discovers her parents are Death Eaters, she tells her mother to 'rot in Tartarus'. I want the spirit of the original Medea to come through. The strength, intelligence, skill, devotion and destructiveness of the original to be seen in the interpretation. Adult Medea, aged prematurely because of her hardships and suffereing, resembles a white-haired Hekate when she first appears to Harry Potter: coming out of a shadowed cell in her home, carrying two torches, wearing a long black dress. Severus Snape, who plays a very important part in the story, falls to his knees and acknowledges her as a goddess. Medea has surpassed Voldemort in skill and it is evident in her bearing and manner. But she has her own agenda and expects the Order to help her achieve it if they want her on their side.
Just as the original Medea begs to be allowed to see her children, this Medea must beg to see the son of Barty's victims. She must strike a deal with Neville Longbottom because he has claim on the life of her husband. Neville states his conditions, and they are met. Neville will instead concentrate on Bellatrix Lestrange.
Just as Creusa and her father are punished for separating Jason from Medea, so are the parties this Medea feels are responsible for separating her and Barty made to suffer. It was Medea who killed Karkaroff. Karkaroff gave Barty's name to Crouch Sr in exchange for his freedom. As an adult, Medea believes Voldemort played upon Barty's need for attention and respect from a strong male to lure him into the Death Eaters. Medea was there the night the prophecy was told to Voldemort, so she knows she herself cannot kill Voldemort, but she fully intends to do as much damage to him as she can.

Differences in theme

Barty and Medea's relationship is encouraged by high-up Death Eaters in hopes of luring the boy into their clutches. It works. Barty's mother begs Crouch Sr not to forbid the children to see each other as she knows this will only strengthen their determination to be together. Smart woman.
Barty Jr is not exactly Jason. He marries and is faithful to Medea, although his first concern is being a good Death Eater and producing offspring to offer to the service of the Dark Lord. It is arguable he 'loves' Voldemort more than Medea, but until he is tricked into thinking she and the child she was carrying, his child, are dead, he genuinely cares for her and wants to be with her. When Medea becomes pregnant the first time, not by Barty, he vows to leave Hogwarts, get a job and raise the child as his own.
Medea loves only Barty, but has a very strong relationship with another, older boy. It is he, another Death Eater, who impregnates her during an orgiastic Dark Revel. She chooses him to lay with her since she cannot be with Barty, knowing what the result will be. There are clearly times when their relationship borders on 'emotional infidelity'. It is this first son that is reclaimed after being kidnapped.

Ok, that's all I've got so far. Feedback, questions and suggestions welcome.
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