Patrocleia (estllechauvelin) wrote in medeaphiles,


Can somebody please tell me where I can find a classical account in which it's Medea who personally kills her brother? Not Euripides with his slight mention of the fact that she did, I'm talking about the version of the story where they take her brother and throw him overboard in pieces as a distraction.

I've read Apollonius, Pindar, and Ovid's Metamorphoses, and I haven't found that version yet. (Unless of course I'm an idiot whose mental abilities have been exhausted beyond repair by her research paper.) I've seen references, but I can't figure out what the primary source for it is.


Edited to keep you updated: so far, the one line of Sophocles' Colchian Women I have been able to find is, of Ganymede, "Inflaming with his thighs the royalty of Zeus."

Um, I think this is a sign it's time to work on other things for the night.
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