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One Woman Alone

Flying Away in a Dragon-Driven Chariot

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Bitch. Murderess. Icon.

This community is dedicated to ancient Greek literature's first female hero. NOT heroine, but hero. For all intents and purposes, Medea has more balls than any male figure in ancient history. She WILL cut you. Then, she will leap into her dragon-driven chariot and escape into the night sky, cackling maniacally, as your bloody, mangled corpse begins to bloat with the noxious gases inherent in death and your limbs set into rigor.

Be forewarned, the moderator of this community takes Medea very seriously AND personally and she will be mortally offended if you dare post nonsense about her. Medea is alive and well in the hearts and minds of those who truly love her, and she will be avenged to all of her detractors.

So post, comment, join! Discuss the plays, the myths, the traditions, the impacts. Be intelligent, be passionate and be creative.

Fanfic is certainly welcome, provided you are in search of constructive criticism and praise. Flaming will absolutely NOT be tolerated. Posts designed to flame will be deleted and their posters will be banned from this community. There are no rules regarding fanfic posts, however I ask that fics be placed behind a cut. Prior to the cut should be the title, author, pairing, rating, warnings, and a brief summary.

If you are unfamiliar with fanfic ratings, please be advised of the following and label your story accordingly:

FRC - (Suitable for children)
FRT - (Suitable for teenagers)
FRT-13 - (Not appropriate for children under the age of 13)
FRM - (For Mature Audiences)
FRAO - (For Adults Only)

If you're unsure what the rating for your fic would be, please ask so that it may review it prior to posting. Please note the moderator reserves the right to delete any inappropriate content, either because it is objectionable or simply because it is amusing to do so.

Please direct all questions, comments, concerns, and lamentations to ladyshrew. Be advised, however, THERE IS NO WHINING IN THIS COMMUNITY. Violaters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the moderator's rancor.

Welcome to medeaphiles!

If you are approved for membership, you MUST then post an introductory message explaining your interest in Medea, which stories including her that you have read, and any other applicable information.

Also see our sister comm, euripides_anon!